Having more than one wife


        It is moral to have more than one wife:

According to the old and new testaments, Abraham had two wives and Solomon had so many wives.

        The norm regarding having multiple wives:

The norm is one wife only because God created Adam and Eve was his only wife. The exception is to have multiple wives.

        There are situations where having multiple wives is favored:

1.     If the first wife cannot bear children then the man can have a second wife. This was done by Prophet Abraham. His wife Sarah offered him to marry her servant Hagar to get children.

2.     If the first wife has serious health problems or disability that would prevent her from being a wife and the husband needs a wife. If having multiple wives is not allowed, then the husband would have to divorce his ill wife and get another healthy one. The alternative is to keep the ill wife and get a second wife. This is made possible by allowing more than one wife.

        Comparison with the American law that does not allow more than one wife:

1.     The American law allows a man to have one wife and unlimited number of girl friends.

2.     Women might lose their rights because of not allowing a man to have more than one wife. It happens when a woman is not attractive enough to attract a husband. May be she is not attractive because she is divorced or widow with many children, or for other reasons. The solution for this woman is to share a husband. If this is not allowed, then the alternative is to be a girl friend. A girl friend is deprived from the legal rights of a wife.

3.     A single woman who was not able to attract a husband would prefer to share a husband rather than nothing. This happened in the case of a Canadian woman who became Muslim in her fifties. She was suffering because she was lonely. Another married Muslim woman approached her and offered to share her husband with the Canadian woman. She is not lonely anymore and this ended her suffering. Later, she got her own children and she became a happy mother too. In these kinds of situations sharing a husband is better than nothing.

4.     In an interview with a woman in Sudan, that has a co-wife, she said that her husband is too much for her to handle and it is nice to have a co-wife to share the burden.

        The 51/49 Boy/Girl Ratio


Total Boys/Girls in Study



http://www.ingender.com/Pix/bar/Blue.gif  51%



http://www.ingender.com/Pix/bar/Pink.gif  49%




The ratio of 51% boys to 49% girls seen here is representative of overall US birth rates. There are many hypotheses about why there are slightly more boys born each year than girls, but no one knows for sure why this is so. Here are a couple of the theories:

  1. Males are more fragile (male infants are less likely to survive their first year, and a man's expected lifespan is less than a woman's). The slightly higher conception rate of males is nature's way of evening out the balance.
  2. As Dr. Shettles theorized, Y-bearing male-producing sperm may have a speed advantage over X-bearing female-producing sperm, more often winning the race to fertilize the egg and resulting in more male conceptions.

Regardless of the reason, the 51/49 ratio remains constant year to year throughout the US population.

        Other relevant fact:

1.     Wars take the lives of men. The ratio of men to women falls below 50%. For example, the ratio was much skewed in the Soviet Union and Germany after World War II. In this kind of situation, having more than one wife can be useful.

2.     The husband must divide his time and resources equally among his wives. It is a major sin to be biased.

        Rules in Islam regarding having more than one wife:

1.     No more than four.

2.     Canít have two sisters together, canít have a woman and her daughter together, and canít have a woman and her ant together.

        Islam does not allow multiple husbands:

1.     Because it is immoral in Islam to have multiple husbands. Not only Islam does that but it is never heard of anywhere in the world cultures.

2.     Because the father of the child will not be known. DNA testing is not available to the vast majority of people.