Answering Stereotypes about Islam: Islam Spread by Force


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Islam is a religion that spread with the sword. Islam is a religion that doesn’t tolerate other religions. In a Muslim state, you have to either give up your religion or get killed.





1)    From the Quran: The following verses from the Quran forbid imposing the religion on people. See Quran 2:256 [There is no compulsion in religion], 50:45 [Can’t force them to believe] and 10:99 [Your Lord could have made all people on earth believe. Who are you (Mohamed) to compel them against the will of God].

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2)    The sword opens a land and doesn’t open a heart. In other words, the sword was used to expand the empire not to expand the religion.

3)    In Islamic law (Sharia), any declarations, consent, marriage, divorce, contractual agreement, decision, testimony imposed by force is invalid.

4)    Using force to compel religion produces nothing but hypocrisy. The person who is under the threat of the sword will not love or practice Islam nor will teach it to his/her children.

5)    Unlike the history of Christianity that has 400 years of inquisition; the history of Islam doesn’t have any form of inquisition.

6)    The person who loves and practice Islam, as well as teach Islam to his children is not the one under the threat of the sword.

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7)    The largest population of Muslims in the entire world is Indonesia. Islam came to it without any military interaction. It was because Muslim merchants came in the country to do business.

8)    The difference between occupation and liberation is that occupation makes the invaded country worse than it was while liberation makes it better than it was. Muslims made the invaded countries better than it was, even better than their own home land. An example of this fact is Spain. Click here to see how Muslims made Spain better than the homeland they came from, including Mecca and Madina.

9)    Muslims protected the worship places of other religions. See the pictures of 2000 year old churches in Muslim courtiers that have been protected by Muslims during the Islamic rulings.

Very Old Churches in Egypt still exist and respected to date.

10) Church of Nativity in Bethlehem where Jesus was born still exist and respected to date in Palestine.

11) Wailing Wall for Jews still exist and respected to date in Palestine.


12) Muslim states had many minorities that have been living safely for hundreds of years and their places of worship are protected by the Islamic state.


13) The Islamic Law (Sharia) has a well-established law that protects the rights of people of other faith that live in a Muslim state. The Christians and the Jews are called the people of the book in the Islamic Law. In addition, Other non-Muslims are called the people of Dhima in the Islamic Law.


14) Islam allows a Muslim man to have a wife who is Christian or Jewish Quran 5:5. This is the highest level of tolerance when the most beloved person to your heart and the mother of your children is from a different religion.


15) Islam allows Muslims to have relationships with Non Muslims who are not fighting against the religion of Islam Quran 60:8 & 9 [It basically says that God doesn’t mind if you have non Muslim Friends and loved one but he doesn’t want you to have relationships with enemies of the Religion]

16) The reason people entered Islam after the Muslims used the sword to open the land was because they saw the difference between the old government and the new government. They have seen what Islam brought them and they liked it.

17) What Happens to the Muslims who Denounce Islam Publicly.

       Islam has a policy that says that if you don’t harm the religion, the religion will not harm you.

       At the time of the Prophet, enemies of Islam used to embrace Islam in the morning and then denounce it in the evening announcing publicly that Islam is a bad religion. It was a tactic to drive people away from Islam. The Quran mentions this fact Quran 3:72.

       To stop people from doing this, the Islamic law order that the ones who embrace Islam and then denounce it publicly be given three days chance to correct themselves publicly or get killed.

       If people denounce Islam privately, nothing happens to them.

       During the three days all what the person has to do is to declare publicly that he was wrong and then he/she will let go. It is an easy way out.

       This rule applies only in Muslim countries.