What is the Theology of Islam


1.      The 99 attributes/names of God are divided into the attributes of beauty and the attributes of greatness. The attributes of beauty are the manners that he want us to establish or represent on earth such as generosity, justice, kindness, mercy, Öetc. This representation of his manners is the purpose of our creation, the creation of the Satan and the creation of the universe around us. The attributes of greatness are for him alone. No one in this Universe qualifies for them except him (Monotheism). Those who claim any of these attributes for themselves are making false claims and they will pay for it when the period of his tolerance and patience ends, i.e. the Day of Judgment. This period is necessary to allow people to have a free will to do their specific mission, i.e. establish the specific representation that he has created them to establish on earth


2.      God will not do any thing that will take him out of status, i.e. disqualifies him from being a God, such as injustice, deception and other shameful acts. God will not advertise false qualities or manners about himself because this will take him out of status


3.      God will not explicitly expose himself to us because

a.       With such explicit exposure, we will be held accountable to a higher degree of accountability and challenge that we will not be able to rise up to, as well as much less level of tolerance that we will not be able to survive

b.      This will take away our free will because we will not dare and we will not be allowed to disobey God when we see him eye to eye. His level of honor and glory doesnít allow such a deviation at such a level of exposure

c.       Such a level of exposure is neither needed nor fit with the purpose we were created for (representations of his manners and moral values on earth)

d.      This will harm our physical existence or severely interrupt our lives at best

e.       The current level of exposure is 99 names or attributes that he advertises about himself that we can recognize by examining our lives and the universe around us. This is sufficient and appropriate for the specific mission / representation that we are created for


4.      God advertised about himself the attribute of being the creator. For this attribute to be true, he created us and others. If he doesnít, then this attribute is false and this will take him out of status


5.      God could have just created angels who are not going to disobey him and spread corruption on earth, i.e. be the representatives of the manners of the Satan on earth instead of being representatives of the manners of God. The reasons he created humans with free will that will screw up, goof around and make mistakes are

a.       Angels donít need his attributes of the most forgiving, the most merciful, the most tolerant and the most patient because they donít make mistakes

b.      Angels donít need his attribute of the substance provider because they donít consume food or breath air

c.       If these attributes are not materialized, then they are false and this will take God out of status


6.      God created the Satan for the following reasons

a.       Challenge and test every single quality we claim about ourselves

b.      Invite us to the evil path so that we get to choose. Otherwise we will not have a free will if we donít have any evil desires or temptations. We will never ever think or do evil and we will become like angels who have no evil desires or evil temptations

c.       To make our job (the representation of his manners on earth) challenging so that it has a value. If it is as easy as breathing, then it will have no value at all. Breathing is not a quality because it is not challenging at all. In addition, God is advertising these beautiful manners about himself, we will never be able to appreciate the quality of these manners unless they are challenging and precious

d.      To be able to recognize and appreciate his attribute by contrasting to the attributes of the Satan. If we donít have the sour food and all our food is sweat then we will never be able to recognize or appreciate the sweetness of the deserts. If we donít have darkness, then we will never be able to appreciate or recognize the light

e.       If we rise up to the level of the challenge, we will prove ourselves worthy of his mercy that will award us the ever lasting happy life in Paradise. It is a golden opportunity for us to take advantage of. All what we need to do is to do our job, which is to be the representatives of his manners on earth, build and base our lives on his manners and make them the highest values in our lives instead of evil/satanic manners, and to stand up for his representation on earth. This will give the happiness of justice and peace in this life and the ever lasting happy life in Paradise. If we follow his manners, we will love and be loved. If we follow our temptations (manners of the Satan), then we will be ugly, jealous, greedy, selfish, etcÖ This will cause hate, wars and crimes, and will make our life miserable


7.      †The level of exposure that we have now (99 names or attributes) is enough for us to do our job. Any increase will make us held accountable to a higher degree of responsibility that we will not be able to rise up to. Any decrease will make us unable to fight back the invitations of the Satan placed using our temptations and desires. Our submission (Islam) to his attributes will free us from submission to our temptations. In the absence of his attributes, then most of us will not be able to defeat temptations and this majority will create an environment that will mislead, pressure and brain wash the minority that can defeat temptations to a reasonable degree using their conscience alone. By the way, the conscience in itself is a product of God to provide certain minimum level of accountability to humans and protection from total terminal corruption. Every single human is at least accountable to his/her own conscience. Those who promote their temptations and ridicule their conscience will end up with a dead conscience at the end. They shouldnít blame any one but themselves for disabling their own conscience. In addition, those who donít believe in God, they will at least have a conscience that provides some minimum protection to life on earth. They will stand up to the representation of God motivated by their conscience. Their reward will be favors from God in this life as they desired and intended. They didnít desire, intend or believe in any rewards in the hereafter and God gives to people only what they sincerely and seriously intended.


8.      The environment around us can easily help us understand and appreciate these 99 names/attributes that God advertises about himself. Just as an example, the attribute of the Most Creative can easily be verified by examining the evidence of intelligent / beautiful / balanced design of our human body and the universe around us that was designed to meet the design requirements of the specific purpose that we were created for. If we are wowed about a picture painted by a gifted artist using cheap colors on cheap media, then we should be more wowed about the real life sculpture created by God using precious real material on real space. The artist produces fake images using paint or rock and God (the Most creative) produces real physical and functional sculpture using real material. If it is hard to believe that a small ship will navigate itself from India to New York without a captain, crew or remote control, then how can we believe that a huge planet with complicated movements can navigate itself in such a precise way


9.      God will never have a son, daughter, brother sister or parents because this will take him out of status for the following reasons

a.       The son/daughter will inherit some of the attributes of father and this will make the attributes of the ones of God that he is advertising about himself false, i.e. he is no longer the only ďONEĒ that qualifies for the attributes of greatness and the only ďONEĒ we must submit to his attributes of greatness and represent his attributes of beauty

b.      The parent Gods are super Gods that will also conflict with the ONENESS of God

c.       The brother/sister Gods are Co-Gods that will also conflict with his ONENESS

d.      He has the attribute of the Only Self Sufficient. What is the need for him to partition himself?


10.  God will never allow a punch of criminal thugs to torture him, humiliate him and then crucify or kill him at the end for the following reasons

a.       At such a level of exposure, his greatness will not allow such a thing. This will take him out of status if he degrades himself to such a level

b.      Excessive love is weakness. God is way above and beyond such a weakness. If he truly have such a weakness, then this is enough to take him out of status

c.       Sacrifice requires

                                                   i.      Suffer pain; and God is way above and beyond suffering pain. Having to suffer pain by itself will get God out of status

                                                 ii.      Suffer losses; and God is way above and beyond suffering losses. If God losses, then this by itself will get him out of status

d.      What is the need of God to kill himself, part of himself or his children (depending on which sect of Christianity we are talking about) to help or save humans. Such a need or a necessity by itself will take God out of status. If he wants to help us, he can easily do it without this confusing show

e.       This paints a picture of God that I donít accept. I donít want a God that suffers pain and losses, gets humiliated and killed. I donít accept this for any of my parents, not to mention my Lord. I want my God to be way above and beyond all weaknesses, needs, flaws, deficiencies, ambiguous questionable wisdom and loss of control

f.        Advertising such a sacrifice will not help the strategy of stick and carrots that God is advertising about himself


I conclude this brief highlight by praying to the God that I adore and love, my maker and the maker of every thing else, my provider and the provider of every body else, my protector and the protector of every one else, my supporter and the supporter of ever body else, my creative designer and the creative designer of every thing else, my perfect flawless self sufficient UNIT that is way above and beyond any ill description or assumption. I pray to him to guide me and my fellow humans to the truth, and open our hearts to accepting his attributes of greatness and represent his attributes of beauty (manners) on earth. I pray for him to help me and my fellow humans to rise up to the level of the challenge imposed on us by those who are under the control of temptations as well as the confused ones.



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