Rules that Govern the Use of Force in Islam.

The reasons why Islam is against 911 or any other terror attacks.


I am making a simple brief answer to this stereo type and I claim to be a knowledge person of Sunni Islamic theology and Sharia’a. I graduated from a Quranic School and I have Ph.D in Civil Engineering. My qualifications can be found here.


1.    Only official governments are allowed to use force either in a just war, law enforcement or in brining justice to criminals. Individuals and organizations are not allowed to be vigilantes and take the law in their hands or declare war against other countries. The Prophet SAW was not allowed to use force until a sovereign Muslim state was established. Any Prophet who was not able to establish a sovereign state was not permitted to use force.


2.    Prophets are ordered to do Jihad by the tongue only and never use force unless they establish a sovereign government. All individuals and organizations are ordered to use the tongue only following the footsteps of the Prophet before he became a head of a sovereign state. God SWT ordered him to use the Quran as a weapon to do Jihad by tongue against the hostile non-believers Quran 25:52. He also was ordered to turn his back to their aggression Quran 15:94 and 6:106. It wasn't until this verse 22:39 when God gave them the permission to defend themselves after establishing the sovereign state. Later, when the state became strong, God gave the permission to attack Quran 9:123. Muslims are ordered to honor their agreements even with the hostile enemy Quran 9:4.


3.    The only exception to this rule is if a person is attacked, then he is allowed to defend himself/herself, his wealth and his/her family as much as he/she can. This defense continues until it becomes unnecessary due to the arrival of government forces. Communities can form local security forces in case of threats if the government based forces are not able to protect them. If people are attacked by their own government, then they are not allowed to use force to defend themselves. They have to seek justice using governmental channels. The use of tongue to seek justice is always allowed and actually ordained in many cases.


4.    Muslims shouldn’t be provoked by the persecution of other Muslims. This should neither make them quit doing Jihad by the tongue using the words of the Quran nor cross the boundaries that God has set for us and reply with force, i.e. not being savages nor being chickens.


5.    Islam is against killing the civilians. The Quran is clear about this.  Quran 2:190 “Fight in the sake of God only those who fight you and don’t exceed for God doesn’t like the transgressors.


6.    Terrorist attacks are not supported in Islam for the following reasons:

·      It includes killing civilians

·      It may include suicide, which is forbidden in Islam Quran 4:29-30.

·      It destroys property without a just cause.

·      It hijacks the name of Islam and use it where it shouldn’t be used.

·      They claim that they represent Islam but almost all Muslims say that the terrorists represent themselves, not Muslims.

·      It is hypocrisy because it is done by individuals who claim to fight for the sake of Islam and at the same time hurt Islam that they have been claiming they are promoting.

·      Terrorists are vigilantes. They take the law in their hands and misuse it. The one who may declare a war is the legitimate leader of a nation who represents his people who understand the cost of wars, in terms of the loss their lives and the lives of loved ones, and destroy of property and infrastructure of the nation, and willing to pay this very heavy cost.


The cost of war:

According to the book “Out of Control: Global Turmoil on the Eve of the 21st Century” by Zbigniew Brzezinski, who served as the tenth national security advisor under President Jimmy Carter, the wars of the 21st centuries consumed the lives of 176 Million lives. This made him to call the 21st century to be the century of MEGA death.


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