Important Notes and Disclaimer:

·       This presentation is based on my knowledge and research. If there is an error, then it is mine.


·       Each translation of the Quran is actually an interpretation. It is more appropriate to use the expression “English interpretation of Quran” rather than “English translation of the Quran”. This web page provide links to many English interpretations of the Quran.


·       There are many available English interpretations of the Quran. They all were based on the amount of knowledge that was available at the time of the translation or interpretation. To avoid inaccurate interpretations, this presentation would use the direct meaning of the original Arabic text of the Quran at the time of the revelations of the Quranic text.


·       The early Muslim scholars in the early days of Islam provided their interpretations based on the original Arabic language at the time of the revelation of the Quran. However, unlike here, their interpretations couldn’t take into consideration the scientific facts that were not available then. They provided simple interpretations that would be understood to the simple Muslims at that time who had no idea about science, or they would take these statements as is without knowing the meanings.


·       After establishing the original Arabic meaning of the Quranic text, it had to be translated back to English here in a manner that would make the correlation between the scientific fact and the associated Quran text clear to the non-Arabic speaking people.


·       An example of how scientific facts explained a mystery in the Arabic language grammar in the Quran is in Quran 76:2, “We created man from a drop of mingled fluid (nutfa amshaj)…” Professor Keith Moore said the following commenting on this verse “An important point with regard to this raised was the fact that nutfa is a singular noun while amshaj is a plural modifying adjective. According the conventional rule of grammar, singular nouns are normally modified by singular adjectives, and thus the term nutfa amshaj was a mystery to early Quranic scholars. However, this particularity in the language can now be explained since we now know that the zygote remains singular as a nutfa while internally the chromosomes and other contributions from the sperm and ovum form a plural mixture described as amshaj. Therefore, from a scientific point of view amshaj is entirely accurate as the plural adjective modifying the singular nufta, which is really a multif-faceted singled entity…” Click here to see the video

·       Sometimes authors who present scientific miracles of the Quran exaggerate in the establishment of links between the Quranic text and the scientific facts. This would confuse people who are interested in reading about the subject. In this presentation, I identify such weak links and distinguish them from confirmed links by using the expression "possible indication".