What is the Pulsar and what Makes it Pulse?

Pulsars are rotating neutron stars observed to have pulses of radiation at very regular intervals that typically range from milliseconds to seconds. Pulsars have very strong magnetic fields which funnel jets of particles out along the two magnetic poles. These accelerated particles produce very powerful beams of light. It resembles the light house. From NASA web site

  Artist conception of a pulsar with its magnetic field lines and particle jets

Was the Existence of the Pulsars Indicated in the Quran?

·      Quran (86:1-3) says “By the skies and the TARIQ. Do you know what is the TARIQ. It is the THAQIB star”.

·      The meaning of the word TARIQ is knocker. The TARIQ behavior is demonstrated by the Pulsars because the signals sent to earth from this star has a knocking nature, not constant radiations like other stars. If the output of the radio telescope directed towards a Pulsar is connected to speakers, the sound resembles the knocking sound at a steady rate. This resembles the meaning of the word TARIQ, which means the knocker.

·      THAQIB means shining bright or piercing brightness. The THAQIB behavior is demonstrated by the Pulsars because, unlike other stars, the radiations produced by them are not of a distributed nature. They are focused signals or beams of radiation. It is like poking or piercing.

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