Modern Discoveries of the Development of the Human Embryo Miraculously Resembles the Quranic Descriptions.

These verses from the Quran identifies the stages of pre-natal development as follows:

1.   Nutfah, which means “a drop” or “small amount of water”

2.   Alaqah, which means a “leech-like structure”. Professor Moore said “The similarity between the embryo and the leech is amazing. The embryo was attached to the wall of the chorionic sac… The human embryo is attached to the lining of the uterus just like a leech will attach to your skin and suck the blood. So, the analogy is quite amazing” Click here to see the video.


3.   Mudghah, which means a “chewed-like structure”. Click here to see the video

4.   Izam, which means “bones” or “skeleton”

5.   Kasawna ul izam bil-laham, which means the clothing of bones with flesh or muscle

6.   Al-nash'a which means “the formation of distinct fetus”.

·  In Quran 76:2, “We created man from a drop of mingled fluid (nutfa amshaj)…” Dr. Moore said the following commenting on this verse “An important point with regard to this raised was the fact that nutfa is a singular noun while amshaj is a plural modifying adjective. According the conventional rule of grammar, singular nouns are normally modified by singular adjectives, and thus the term nutfa amshaj was a mystery to early Quranic scholars. However, this particularity in the language can now be explained since we now know that the zygote remains singular as a nutfa while internally the chromosomes and other contributions from the sperm and ovum form a plural mixture described as amshaj. Therefore, from a scientific point of view amshaj is entirely accurate as the plural adjective modifying the singular nufta, which is really a multif-faceted singled entity…” Click here to see the video

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