Why Bad Things are Happening to Good People?


1.     God rules this life by the laws of nature.

2.     Good people are also subjected to the laws of nature. Being a good person doesn’t mean that you wouldn’t age, get sick, have accidents and whatnot. The laws of nature are in control.

3.     In order for good deeds to exist, bad deeds must also exist, otherwise they would be just deeds. There has to be an opportunity for us to choose between good and bad, otherwise, there will be no freedom and the good people wouldn’t have the opportunity to demonstrate that they are good. In other words, there wouldn’t be good people and bad people. We all are just people.

4.     The angels don’t have a freedom of choice. They are not being tested. They have no temptations, inclinations or desires that would cause them to be bad. Unlike us humans, the Satan couldn’t influence them. They get no reward and no punishments. There are no good angels or bad angels. They are all angels.


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