Scientific Miracles of The Quran and The Sunnah

The Evidence that Proves that Mohamed is a True Prophet and the Quran is a True Book of Guidance

Secrets of nature and scientific facts were mentioned in the Quran 1400 years ago. The Quran was revealed in the seventh century Arabia and neither these facts were known then nor the Arabs cared about science either. I believe they were the intended audience with these verses.

·      Important Notes about the Subject.

·      The First Person to Examine the Quran and the Bible in the Light of Modern Science and Published a Book About it.

·      Mohamed cannot be the One Who Authored Quran (4 min Video Watch on YouTube or Download)

The Quran predicted the following 1400 years ago.

·            The Shape and Role of Mountains.

·            Modern Discoveries of the Development of the Human Embryo Miraculously Resembles the Quranic Descriptions.

·            Indication that the Gender of the Baby is Determined by the Male.

·            Indication that the Fertilization of the Egg and Sperm Must be done in Complete Darkness to be Successful.

·            Prediction of the Existence of the Pulsars.

·            Breathing Gets More Difficult as You Fly Higher.

·            Marine Barriers. The Seas not Mingling with One Another and What Happens When Fresh Water Meets Sea Water.

·            Darkness in the Oceans and Seas.

·            The Region of the Brain Believed to be the Functional Center for Aggression.

·            Correct Description of the Early Universe - Big Bang Theory

·            The Universe is Expanding

·            Indication that Iron came From Giant Stars in the Outer Space.

·            We Can See the Positions of the Stars in the Past but not the Actual Stars.

·            Indication that the Sun has its Own Light but not the Moon.

·            The Fingerprints are Unique.

·            Saying of the Prophet Mohamed about the Fly.

Scientific Facts That might be Related to Quranic Text - Not Confirmed

·            Possible Prediction of the Existence of Volcanoes at The Bottom of the Deep Oceans.

·           Possible Indication that the Food Snatched by the Fly cannot be Recovered.

·           Will the Day of Judgment Happen at Nighttime or at Daytime - Consideration of the Time Differences in Different Locations on Earth, i.e., Time Zones.

·            Possible Prediction of Space travel.

·           Possible Indication of the Decrease of the Land from its Outlaying Boundaries.

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