In the Name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful


Scientific Verification of the Quran


The Evidence that Proves that Mohamed is a True Prophet and the Quran is a True Book of Guidance


Scientific Miracles of the Quran

My Presentations:

                  Islam and Science - Scientific Verification of the Quran by Dr. Ali Elzeiny (PDF Format, PPS Format, Power Point Format).

                  Saying of the Prophet Regarding the Fly.

Other Useful Sources:

                  The Bible, The Quran and Science by Dr. Maurice Bucaille (Recommended Book).

                  The Book of Signs  (49 Minutes English Video).

                  Miracles of the Quran  (68 Minutes Video by Harun Yahya).

                  Miracles of the Quran (Word, PDF)  Book by Harun Yahya.

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